I need to take some time off, I think the kids have gone feral

When you work from home and it’s the school summer holidays, sometimes you just have to trust the kids to entertain themselves whilst you get on with something productive.

I have purposely taken on less work throughout August so that I’m there for them when they need me, but even so, there are times when you just have to get on

I think at first I just thought we were getting through a lot of food, but then one day I caught them.
Working as a team they silent sneak around the kitchen helping themselves to cheesy Wotsits, Ice Pops and Fromage Frais.

I suppose you could call it stealing, but that makes me feel like an even worse mother, so we’ll leave it at ‘helping themselves’.

Then we discovered the complexity of the ‘Secret Den’. They have not only created their own dining room, but they have also set-up a series of elaborate man-traps to catch any grown-ups that dare to enter.

Many household items have made their way in to the den and of course, as an adult-free zone we are powerless to retrieve them.

When the twins were born, we were constantly told ‘Oh, you are so lucky, I’ve always wanted twins. It must be so much fun!’

If I were to describe the first year with twins in one word, it would not be ‘fun’.

If I were allowed three words I might pick:
‘Constant exhausted arguing’
‘Redundent make-up bag’
‘Tears in Tescos’ (Mine)

But now that they six years old, I can look back and (if not laugh about it yet) I no longer shake and rock.

Now we really are lucky, they are bright, funny and the very best of friends. They entertain themselves, almost to the exclusion of their stunned, yet relieved parents.

However, man cannot live by Cheesy Wotsits alone and it’s time I stepped back in to their world (if not their den) full time for a few weeks.

I’m taking a few weeks off and I’m really looking forward to it. I can finally say it loud:

My name is Sarah and I’m a recovering mother of twins.