Hoping you can teach an old dog new tricks


A very happy belated new year to you all.

Christmas passed quickly in a tangle of wrapping paper and panicked phone calls from relations wondering what to buy our children for the big day in the last few available shopping hours.

Phone rings..

Sarah, it's Mum. I'm in a toy shop. Does William still like model animals?
- Yes.
- What does he need?
- Tell me what's there and I'll tell you what he hasn't already got.
- Ok, right, there's a Lion, a tiger, a horse with stripes...
- Would that be a...Zebra?
-Oh, yes...yes, I suppose it is....

So, the new year has arrived and I’ve already failed on all of my standard resolutions, diet, alcohol free month etc. However, I am making great strides on my ‘bigger picture’ promises. This year I plan to better myself. Not just the usual, try to be less snappy stuff, but professionally.

There are designers that I admire. Many of them also teach. I realised that I could pay them to teach me. It’s not rocket science I know, but sometimes it takes me a while.

I’m starting with the plan immediately, at the end of the month I head over to Sarah Garland at The Crafty Kitchen in Wales. Her work is so clean and sharp, I’m really excited.

Meanwhile back here, I’m busy designing my own classes for spring and I’ll let you know more on those very soon. You may have already seen that I’m offering a Wedding Cakes workshop.

I’ll try to help anyone just starting out in the industry or those who have agreed to make a friends cake and feel out of their depth – sound familiar?

Hope you are making exciting plans for your year ahead too.