Do Stress Free Wedding Deliveries Really Exist?

Do stress free wedding cake deliveries really exist?

I think it’s healthy to be a bit nervous about delivering a wedding cake. It’s probably the most expensive cake your customer will ever buy. It’s an important day. Possibly hundreds of people will see and taste your work. The weather can be very hot and cakes sometimes move and melt…

BUT…it’s got a whole lot easier this year thanks to a couple of great products.

It’s no secret that Helen of Sturdy Cake Stacker is my beautiful cousin, but I wouldn’t promote her product if it was rubbish - family or not. Wedding cakes are too important for that.
The stacker system is great though and I’m hugely proud of her.
The cake is supported safely through the worst that a pot-holed country lane can throw at you and more. It’s not an expensive system either and can be priced into a wedding cake quotation. Give it a try:

Tall, double height cakes are still hugely popular too, but they are tough to cover without the fondant ripping. Discovering Massa Ticino sugarpaste was a revelation. It’s so much more elastic than normal sugarpaste and holds a fabulous finish easily.
Give that a try too:


Here are my top tips for a stress-free wedding cake:

1. Never try a technique for the first time on a wedding cake. If you know you can’t reproduce something a couple have seen, be honest and suggest something that sits comfortably within your skill level.

2. Prepare everything that can be prepared in advance early – cake board, flowers, fruit cakes anything that gives you more time.

3. Board and dowel correctly.

4. Use a Sturdy Cake Stacker.

5. Use pre-coloured fondant. It’s more expensive, but it will have a far better quality structure and less air bubbles than fondant that you have coloured yourself.

6. Make sure you have notes on everything the couple requested. Detail is important. Photograph important items that the couple are including in their day or refer to their Pinterest page if they have one.
You won’t remember everything that they told you months ago. You’ll need prompts.

7. Practice any techniques that you are worried about well in advance.

8. Everything will take longer than you imagine. Give yourself extra time.

9. Work in the daytime when possible when you are at you best. Late night work increases stress and exaggerates problems.

10.  If it’s very hot weather forecast, have a plan B with your couple. If your cake is wrapped in chocolate, suggest being flexible about the timing of the cake cutting ceremony. They may be wise to cut the cake and have photos at the beginning of the day when it looks at it’s best and then move it to a cooler room.

11. Without frightening your customers do approach the subject of heat and it’s effect on cakes during your wedding consultation.
Butter and chocolate melt in very high temperatures, you aren’t a magician. Look at designs suiting their location. Marquees for example can need a bit of extra attention.

If your couple can see that you are making every effort to deliver a top quality product in perfect condition, they are more likely to want to work with you again.

Above all, enjoy your wedding work. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show the world what you can do and you have lots of extra decorating space to show off your skills.