Christmas Design Tips



It’s my favourite time of year. I absolutely love Christmas and Christmas design.
The ideas flow thick and fast, I only wish I had more customers to sell them all too.

So what makes stand-out design?

In this fast moving world of social media, we fly through our timelines at such a rate that we need something new to stop us in our tracks.

The constant ‘Googling’ of previous designs is only going to force you to look at old ideas, some of them are very old. You have to stop that.

What you do need to do is start looking at your surroundings. As you walk through the shopping centres, what colours are key this year?

Are you seeing the same images repeated in each shop?

Your customers don’t know anything about cake fashions and exciting new tools in general, but they do know what’s going on in the high street.

Last year every shop was flooded with stag/reindeer heads and Christmas Jumpers.


As I queued up to pay for stocking fillers, I realised I was surrounded by Nordic Christmas jumper prints everywhere, but I had never seen a jumper cake. Of course, I went home and Googled it immediately. Nothing. Remotely. Similar.

It’s about as excited as I’ve ever been.

The cake dummy was made up within an hour and within 48hrs had had over 500 shares on Facebook. The design wasn’t complex, but it was current and that’s what works.

It worked so well in fact that this year, I was asked to reproduce it on Channel 4's Kirsty's Handmade Christmas.


So, stop searching and start looking. You may just surprise yourself.