Aggressive Inn Keeper No 3 and hand-painting cupcakes at midnight. Christmas at the Chocolate Strawberry

Well it’s finally Christmas and as a cake maker, there are a few more busy days to go.
This is my fault of course. With my signature lack of planning, I decided to offer hand-painted Christmas cupcakes because I enjoy painting them so much.

But they need to be fresh don’t they? And the kids are on holiday.
Didn’t quite take that into account.
The orders flooded in and I suddenly realised that my lead up to Christmas will be a balancing act of trying to control the usual level of threats and violence between my children, high on the contents sneakily opened of selection boxes, plus painting cupcakes until midnight.

So what a year it’s been, I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams at the beginning of the 2014 that by the end of it I’d have made a nervous appearance on TV.
Last week we all gathered around the TV to watch me decorating a cake on Kirsty Allsop’s Handmade Christmas.
I learnt a lot of things that day, mainly that my closest friends think that Facebook is a private messaging service between us and that many have become cake making experts, with much to say about technique.
The programme aired the same week as the school nativity, which was of course a far more important event.
I’ve been up to my eyes in work, so it was quite a shock to see my children in their hastily assembled costumes.
Some might say it was an almost blasphemous use of a tea-towel, and embroidered Jasper Conran dressing gown, a medieval maids costume and Ye Olde Hello Kitty Slippers.

Our son made more of an entrance than expected. As Inn Keeper No 3, it’s a high-pressure, pivotal role. So, when your cardboard Inn door doesn’t open, it can cause a boy to panic and use the full force of his fluffy dog slippers to kick it open.
It’s always my family.
I’m still trying blank out the school assembly when my twins had to stand up whilst the school sang happy birthday to them and what began as gentle nudging, quickly escalated into a fight.

Anyway, enjoy your Christmas whatever you might be doing and I’ll be wishing you all a very healthy, happy 2015.