4 Years - I have learnt a thing or two

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Four Years – I have learnt a thing or two.
 - Hints for those just starting out.

So this week marks four years in business for me. There have been some really rough times and there have been some incredible moments, but I think the most important thing to share with you is what I have learnt about myself and how being self employed has affected me and my family.

Everything that I expected to be true about being self employed, turned out not to be the case.
You don’t work when want to, you pretty much work all the time – but you are not always working hard. Sometimes you lie on a beach making plans.

You start to appreciate smaller chunks of free time. Two hours alone with my husband in a park in the sunshine this week was as lovely as weekend – mainly because we had the very smug feeing that everyone else was at work and we were child free.

You learn you are a lot better at things than you imagine you will be. Pushing yourself to do something terrifying can lead you to one of your greatest assets.
I always knew that I liked being a host here at home. Feeding friends and family was second nature.
The surprise was hosting classes here. It turns out I’m ok at that too. I love watching people who arrived feeing nervous, just relax and enjoy their day.
It feels like a big win the moment you notice their body language start to change and they begin to smile easily and naturally.

You realise what business success means to you. We all start out thinking its financial reward and some of it is certainly, but for me it’s seeing a good body of work spread throughout the year.
No more fire-fighting to fill the diary. Having the chance to feel less panicked and start to make plans for the future. Knowing I have created something that is sustainable, not a five minute fad. Customers return without being harassed.

You find, if you are lucky, that you have an amazing family around you who will support you through the very long hours and won’t give you a hard time because you can’t always make the school events or give you hell because you worked all weekend.

Trusting your instincts, holding your nerve and following your heart you will create a style of your own and a customer base willing to pay for unique design, not sponge cake.

You wake up knowing that you aren’t dreading going to office.
If you plan your work well, the day is as long as you choose.
No one will be telling you what to do today or any other day.
No one can turn down your holiday request.

But mainly, you make you partner/family/children proud every day because you keep going, even when things are tough, even when it would be much easier to get a job.

That’s business success to me.
(I’d still like to earn more though)